Make sure you check out the video on what kids would change about their bodies. That and more was on the show this morning.

  • Fight bad habits – It’s not just about quitting something, it’s about replacing it with a good habit.
  • Joint vs. separate emails – Sometimes it’s nice to keep secrets, like that Amazon email that would give away what you got him for Christmas…
  • What would you change about your body? – It’s a serious question, but it gets a little more funny when you ask kids.
  • Yelling less – Because if you’re a non-perfect parent like me, you need that reminder sometimes.
  • News Feed Settings – Now you can trim up your Facebook feed to more easily eliminate those annoying pages and overly political friends.
  • Finding balance in the season – Because it’s time we enjoyed Thanksgiving and Christmas instead of stressing about them.
  • Marriage lessons – The things we wish our parents had told us before we got marriage.
  • Defuse the stress bomb! – Don’t let stress get the best of you.
  • Toy Hall of Fame entries – Walking down memory lane and remember what we had as kids.


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