Have you seen God at work this past weekend? Share how you saw Him in the comments. Here’s everything we talked about on the show today.

  • Coffee delivery – Lock up your credit card before you spend all your money have coffee delivered to you every day.
  • Number of kids – Turns out that how many kids you have could be affecting your happiness. Then again, your attitude is your choice.
  • Value of time – A recent survey found that a majority would pay up to $2700 for an extra hour in their day.
  • Too suspicious – One man says yes after trying to pay it forward.
  • Time Change – How do you handle  it and make the transition well?
  • Cutting the budget – What won’t you cut from your budget to make it work?
  • Extra candy? – Some interesting ideas of what to do with it.
  • App Time – How much time do we really spend using apps on our phones?


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