The following story is true and just came to me from one of my dear brothers in Christ. It’s truly a solemn reminder of the importance of being willing at all times to share our faith, regardless of the outcome. My friend writes this:

“What I am about to write is a shortened dialogue that I had the pleasure to be a witness to. It took place Saturday late afternoon between Rev. Tom Dunseth, Area Director of Macau Missions and a young Chinese lady seeking funds for an orphanage in the Macau area to provide gifts to the children. Rev. Dunseth and I were in the park/plaza of the civic center in Macau which is across from the flat we stay in while in Macau. It offers free internet and I was trying to connect so I could check in for my flight back to the USA. Here is the dialogue:

Chinese lady’s conversation:  Merry Christmas. I am seeking money to purchase gifts for the children at this orphanage and would you to make a gift.

Rev. Dunseth: Merry Christmas to you as well! You speak English quite well. Is this a Christian orphanage?

Chinese lady: I don’t think so. What is a Christian organization?

Rev. Dunseth:  You greeted us with a Merry Christmas which is for the celebration of very special birth that happened over 2,000 years ago. Do you know whose birth that is or what the real meaning of Christmas is?

Chinese lady:  I do not know of the birth that would be and the meaning of Christmas is where we buy gifts and give them to others in thanksgiving who cannot buy gifts.

Rev. Dunseth:  Would you like to learn or know more about whose birth we are talking about to better understand why we call it a Merry Christmas as he offers her a business card for the English Center?

Chinese lady:  No

and she walks off.

Rev. Dunseth explained to me the orphanage is not a Christian organization and wants nothing to do with Christianity at this time. He was hoping and praying for her willingness to talk to us at this moment in time. He was hoping that we could be a witness to Christ for her and get her connected to Concordia English Center where she could work on her English while learning about Christ. While the outcome is not what we wanted, God gave at least gave us the opportunity to witness to her.

Christ commanded us to “Go into all the world” Mark 15:16 and as we traveled, we wished all that we met with a greeting of “Merry Christmas or Blessed Christmas”. Some who are Christians working who were working wished us a “Happy Holiday” as instructed by their employer and as we returned our greetings to them, a few lamented they wished they could greet others with a “Merry or Blessed” Christmas.

This experience only reaffirms the need for us to be a witness to and for Christ daily and especially in countries like China and the USA where the government and others are trying to suppress or change the true meaning of Christmas. A child is born and His name shall be called Immanuel!

Thank you for reading this. Have a Blessed Christmas celebration with family and friends.”

Something to think about.

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