Here’s a few things you DON’T need this or any other Christmas to come.

Extended Warranties – Just say “no”.  This is especially true when it comes to electronics.  Stores have slim profit margins and make most of their money on warranties and financing.  You don’t need them…move on.

Credit Card Discounts – If you struggle with bank credit cards and are fighting debt, you have no business having these.  Yes, the discount is tempting, but pass.  It’s not worth trying to pay for this Christmas next Christmas.

Gift Wrapping – If it’s free, go for it.  If not, do it yourself.  Really.

Too Many Christmas Cards – Go ahead; send them to close friends and family.  But you’re spending $100 or more on postage, try an e-card instead.

Overnight Shipping – If you need a something shipped by Christmas Day, and you wait too long —  you may not be able to avoid it.  But in the future, plan ahead so you don’t have to fork out extra dough.  It’s not necessary.

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