In Luke’s account of the Christmas story, he refers to the “dawn from on high,” who is Jesus. Sent to this dark world, Jesus was born to save the lost, to provide hope to the  hopeless and to bring life to those who deserve death (that’s you and me). This season, are you basking in the light of Christ? Has the “dawn from on high” brought you peace?

10849878_794386640621535_5638663696553427067_nThis weekend, I have the great privilege of acting in Candeo Church‘s production, The Dawn From On High. I portray Stewart, a self-involved news anchor that could care less about those around him, much less the real reason for Christmas. Surrounded by a colorful cast, you’ll be touched and inspired and reminded that Christmas is all about the LIGHT.

You’re invited to experience the peace and compassion of our God through worship, drama and a Christmas message on Sunday, December 14, at 8:45am and 10:45am at Candeo Church (located at 211 Titan Trail Dr, Waterloo).