“Dad, can I help?” If you’re like me, you hear those four little words and you instantly tack on 10 minutes to whatever project your little one is offering help to accomplish. From making pancakes before school to washing the car. “It’d be so much quicker to do it myself,” we think. But, instead, we extend our bounty of grace and patience and hand over the spatula and the hose – realizing a pancake will hit the floor and we will inevitably (albeit accidently) get sprayed with water. Then, following the clean-up, we mentally affirm that “it would have been so much easier and more efficient if I had done it myself.”

Now, consider, what if the one offering help wasn’t your child, but it was God. What if it was Him asking if He could help you? Instead of making pancakes, it’s Him offering help making peace with someone in your life. Instead of washing your car, it’s Him offering help washing away thoughts of hopelessness, anger or fear. I would submit our reaction would likely the same – God’s help means more of our time, more of our effort and a need for our patience. But how could we decline the help from the Lord? But we do. Often. “I can do it myself” we proclaim, but the good news is we don’t have to. Psalm 46:1 says “God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble” and in Hebrews 13, we’re reminded we may boldly call the Lord “my helper.”

So, the next time your son or daughter walks up to you, smiling from ear to ear and offers “help,” take it. And let it be a reminder that God, too, if offering you help all the time. Take that, too.

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