Gals, it’s totally normal to want love. I want love. You want love. We need it–we crave it. If we don’t find it in the places we should we will look for it elsewhere. Why?

Because God created us to be loved, to need love, and to give love just as He does.

Yes, it’s true. When God created man and woman, He made us both in His image–meaning the need for love and intimacy that you feel on a daily basis is a God thing. Why do you think God made us? Why do you think He asks us to commune with Him? Because He wants love, too. Every beautiful, wonderful, feminine part of being a woman is just as much in God’s image as all the fabulously male parts of being a man are.

We forget that sometimes. But, it remains true. God wants us to love and be loved.

Love can be so elusive, though–can’t it? I’ve watched enough chick flicks, rom-coms, even read a few romances, only to feel even more empty afterward. I look at my very mundane life–my 16 year marriage, my two kids, my mini-van, and my perpetual pile of dishes and dirty laundry and think, “there’s got to be more than this!” So, Hollywood, in its usual way, is ready to offer me the next level . . . only . . .

But the big movie coming out this weekend, this VALENTINES weekend, is NOT a love story. It’s not about love. To believe that it is about love is to pervert everything beautiful that God intended love to be about.

If you are considering watching the movie or reading the book–may I ask you to take a moment and read this quick article? Shannon Ethridge is an expert in this area, and she is also a very committed Christian. She looks at 50 Shades of Grey and the phenomenon surrounding it in an enlightening way–it’s not harmless entertainment. It’s an indicator of something much, much darker and deeper within each of us.

If this little article is helpful, consider Shannon’s book:  . It helped me–I know it can help you, too.

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