This week, I met Ben Crandall, a typical 5th grader who just had a not-so typical birthday party. Recently, Ben saw a billboard that indicated 1 in 5 children can’t be guaranteed their next meal. “It hit me,” Ben said, “and I thought I could do something.” And he did.

Instead of gathering at the pool or for laser tag, Ben had his birthday party at the Northeast Iowa Food Bank. Instead of playing party games, Ben and his 50 guests – that included his teacher, principal and many of his classmates – worked sorting sweet potatoes. And instead of gifts, Ben asked guests to bring a donation for the food bank.

As Ben left the studio, I was simply humbled. This young man, who has received extensive media coverage, did what he did simply because he wanted to make a difference – not for any pomp and circumstance. Ben did his part in uplifting others – specifically hoping that kids in eastern Iowa would somehow benefit from his efforts.

To the adults reading this, I submit there’s much we can learn from children: how to care, how to love, how to see a need and tackle it. Proverbs 20:11 says “A child is known by his actions …” I may not know Ben well, but I know his actions – and those speak volumes.

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