Today I saw a one of those SomeEcards that said, “Before you call, ask yourself, ‘Is this textable?'” It made me chuckle because it’s definitely true in today’s society.  Why call when you can text? It’s faster, right? When texting, you can send your thoughts, hear back and respond on your own time. A real conversation means you could get tied up on the phone for a few minutes, or even an hour. Who has that kind of time?

Of course, I say that a bit tongue in cheek. Yes, texting is often faster, but in making our communication more efficient, are we also making it less personal? And I ask this question as the guy who calls and if I get a voicemail message I just hang up immediately rather than leave a message. (Feel free to despise me now. I’m that guy.)

Sure, a quick phone call could turn into a long phone call and wander through rabbit trails, but isn’t that point? Relationships and true friendships aren’t built around cold efficiency.  They’re built around things like long conversations, learning about each other, and sharing those inside jokes that come from just spending time together. That’s not to say that we should get rid of texting altogether. Quick communication can be advantageous. But perhaps the question we should really be asking before we text is, “Could this be a great conversation instead?”

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