1,796 miles away from eastern Iowa is an 8-year old boy named Bubby who is living with cytomegalovirus. Doctors tell his parents this will, most likely, take his life. So, they are making every moment count.

Next week, Bubby will celebrate his 9th birthday and his wish list may surprise you. He isn’t asking for a trip to Disneyland, an iPad or even more video games … what he wants is mail. Specifically, mail with his name on the envelope and stickers inside.

I shared this story with you on Wednesday morning and posted it on our Facebook page. By Noon, the post had received thousands of views and tons of likes and shares, which were shared and shared again. Deb, at our front desk, was inundated with phone calls seeking Bubby’s address.

To everyone who sent Bubby a piece of mail, thank you. We will most likely never meet this young man, but it’s my prayer he and his family will feel the love of God shared through cards, well-wishes and, of course, stickers.

4 Responses to "Sending God’s love by mail"

  • Karrie Ryherd says:

    Could you give me the address so I can send a birthday card and stickers. I do not have Facebook.


    1. Mike says:

      Bubby Everson
      PO BOX 1142
      Graham, Washington 98338

      Thanks for helping Karrie!

  • Monika Holtsmark says:

    We want to send Bubby some snail mail with stickers. Is the address the one in Washington? Since Valentines Day is coming up we will do late b-day and love day. God bless Bubby and his family.

    1. Mike says:

      That’s right Monika. I listed the address just above in the comments in a reply to Karrie. Hope that helps!

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