“Dad, can you play ‘Killer Bunnies’ with me?” It’s the question that greets me when I get home at the end of the day.  It’s in that moment I have to make the decision for patience.

Don’t get me wrong. I love playing games with my kids. I probably spend too much time trying to be the “fun Dad”.  But “Killer Bunnies” has been the game of choice at our house lately. I’m asked to play it every afternoon. After so many games in a row, you’re begging for relief.

It may not be a game at your house. Maybe it’s the request for another viewing of “Frozen”. Or the umpteenth request for a snack. Or just dealing with, “Hey mom, hey mom, hey mom, hey mom…” on repeat for a half hour. Whatever it is, being a patient parent can sometimes seem like a pipe-dream. But when you’re at the end of you rope, remember that you’re not the only parent how has to deal with constant requests and seeming short term memory loss. God does too.

Think about it.  How often do we come to God asking for the same stuff? Or worse, apologizing and asking forgiveness for screwing up in the same way (maybe yelling at our kids?) that we did yesterday and the day before? And yet, no matter how many times we mess us up, or bring the same requests, or even neglect our time with God, He still waits patiently on us.  Why? Because He loves us and wants us to know Him.

So the next time your kids disobeys again, or asks the same question for the 15th time, demonstrate patience. And remember that God has the same patience for you.

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