As a kid, I loved magic … the mystery, the surprise, the reveal. David Copperfield was my favorite. I remember some of his greatest illusions playing out before a television studio audience and me wishing I was there. How did he walk through the Great Wall of China, vanish the Statue of Liberty and survive a topple over Niagara Falls? Well, in 2010, I had the opportunity to ask him. David was on tour and I was set to interview him before his sold out show. As someone that doesn’t get nervous often, I can tell you I was nervous. As the interview began, I excitedly rattled off what seemed like his entire resume and my favorite illusions in the same breath … to which David replied, “Bryon, I’m flattered, but remember, there’re just illusions.” He had a point. While showstopping, his illusions weren’t real, though I was sure passionate about him and them.

Why do I mention this? He had a point. While showstopping, David Copperfield’s illusions weren’t real. In comparison, however, consider Jesus. Even without smoke machines, flashy slight-of-hand and vanishing sports cars, Jesus wowed people every day of his life – leaving them captivated and wanting an encore night after night. And certainly his greatest feat … prophesying his final days and His return. Can you imagine being told, “He is not here; He has risen, just as He said. Come and see the place where He lay.” (Matthew 28:6). Now, that is better than any illusion David Copperfield will ever come up with. And it actually happened.

So, as Easter comes and goes, consider how passionate are you about Jesus? Are you mesmerized by a flash in the pan in this world as I was, or are your eyes set on higher things and fixed on Jesus? Bottom line: Jesus told us what He was going to do and did it, and there will be no-one greater … ever.

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