I have two daughters-in-law who are wonderful photographers. They have become adept at seizing a moment that I would call ordinary by capturing it with an extraordinary photo. They see something that most of us don’t and are able to preserve it for all to enjoy. I guess you could say they see beauty that we may overlook. They kind of remind me of an old trucker friend who regularly travels the Midwest for a living.

He told me one time how much he loves traveling the state of Iowa enjoying the beauty of the “fruited plain.”

I could never understand his excitement. Too much of the same thing for too many miles. I’d prefer to trade in familiar flatlands for majestic mountains. The Rockies Baby! Eye candy for an otherwise boring drive.

Raised in Kansas, I grew up surrounded by similar terrain as Iowa. Kansas is a little flatter and we raise wheat instead of corn but the level of boredom that sets in when driving miles of farmland feels about the same.

But yesterday, I saw what my trucker friend must have seen all along. Since neither of my sons’ wives were around with their cameras, I decided to take this picture to seize the beauty of the moment.

I have little doubt that my joy was magnified by early spring weather. With temps in the low 60’s, my drive across the eastern third of the state was breathtaking. Patches of snow melting into soon to be tilled farmland. Golden sunshine bringing unseasonable warmth to every community for miles. It was gorgeous!

I felt blessed to be able to take it all in and I wondered if the other drivers on the road were celebrating the view that I was. I even rolled down the windows and sang a few songs at the top of my lungs. I couldn’t help myself.

The beauty of God’s creation is in full view much of the time. But you gotta be looking for it.

Something to think about.

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