Jesus has done the heavy lifting by paying in full, our debt to God for all the wrong we’ve ever done. All we need to do is place our trust in his death on the cross to pay our penalty and in his resurrection confirming that he conquered death, and as his children, so will we.

C’mon now. I see that smile on your face. You know it’s good news, right? That is in fact, what the word “gospel” means.

But if it is such good news, how do we share our excitement with another? Glad you asked.

There are many ways but I kind of like the “do or done” illustration that Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor at Willow Creek Church uses. In my view, it simply and effectively illustrates the most significant difference between Christianity and all other religions on the planet.  Check it out.

“Religion is spelled D-O, and is all about trying to DO enough to please God. The trouble is we don’t know if we ever do enough, and the Bible tells us we never can do enough (Romans 3.23).

But Christianity is spelled D-O-N-E.

Jesus has done what we could never do. He lived the perfect life and died on the cross to pay for all the wrong stuff we have done.

But it’s not enough just to know this; we have to receive what he has done; we have to ask Jesus to forgive us and to be the leader of our lives.”

The difference between works and grace is simply the difference between “do or done.”

Something to think about.

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