Some teenagers this year will spend in excess of $1,200 on prom.  Yes, over a grand on a dance!

Makenzie, a high school junior had something else in mind.  She coaches a Special Olympics basketball team.  On that team is Matt, who is also a junior, and has Down syndrome.

When Makenzie realized that Matt’s name was not on the ballot for Prom Court, she was determined to have his name added.  She ran into resistance.  But something happened and a week later, a new ballot was put together and Matt’s name was on it.

And when it came time to hold the election, Matt won!  Matt asked Makenzie if she would be his date to the prom and she said yes.

They went to the dance a couple of weeks ago and a photo that they snapped together is making the Internet rounds.  And in this photo, they’re holding up a sign that says “real friends don’t count extra chromosomes.”

Makenzie’s mom thinks that this friendship will last a lifetime.  Makenzie says of her friend Matt, who has Down syndrome, “he is my best friend ever.”

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