God is the ultimate healer and restorer of our hearts. Listen as Susie talks with singer-songwriter Chris August. Chris shares his music and faith journey, as well as his experience dealing with depression.

“Sometimes it’s in the moments that we are hurt that we can really appreciate what God does. To say thank you when I’m in the hospital having a pretty scary moment, in the ICU, not knowing what’s going to happen, that’s a little harder. Even in this fallen world, He is there. He doesn’t leave our side.”

Here are some of the songs we discuss:



Center of It
A song that Chris had to work for.

“We were slaving over it… finally about seven months later, I had written the entire rest of the record and then came back to it. In the good, in the bad, Christ is there. I just like to remind people that no matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, Christ loves you as much as He ever did or ever will.”

A song with R & B influence that points us to Jesus’ imminent return.

A song about marriage.

“I come from a broken home… we’ve made it so easy to call it quits and move along. Nobody wants to work for it anymore. Society’s made it so easy to quit when it’s not good for you. When you actually do give it up to Him and chase after Him like your life depends on it, it’s crazy what He can do. The bitterness, the anger, the walls you’ve put up can be removed. I’ve seen Him do it.”

Unashamed of You
An anthem challenging Christians to share their faith openly, without fear.

Truth is Still True
A song about the power of God’s Word in our lives, even when we wrestle with doubt.

Highlight : The story behind “Restore”

The artist’s corner: Chris August


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