How should Christ-followers respond to the important social issues of the day—especially when right and wrong seems to have been replaced by popular opinion? Noted pastor, speaker, and author David Platt says we need to counter culture with compassion and conviction. He spells out how we can address global poverty, same sex marriage, racism and more. Listen as we review David Platt’s book Counter Culture.

What does it mean to stand up for your faith?

Though it is portrayed differently in our lives, Christians are called to put our faith into action, especially in the face of adversity. There are pressing social issues around the world, and he explains that it is our conviction that helps us identify them clearer. Platt encourages us to “hold fast to Christian conviction” and not ignore the things God is trying to bring awareness to.

“In a world that requires more, we need brothers and sisters to stand up and say no!  We need to give more”

Today’s culture has shifted in ways that popular opinion has become the moral standard, instead of staying true to our design and the world God intended. Christians are given the unique opportunity to stand up for truth of the gospel with mercy, grace and love. Talking about homosexuality, pornography, abortion and religious liberty isn’t comfortable, but becoming equipped with a biblical perspective and responding as Jesus did to these social issues can change the entire outcome of the conversation.

“We have the opportunity to show the beauty of Christ and who He is”

The Gospel shows the beauty of God’s design in every area of our lives, especially for what a Godly marriage looks like. Platt explains how in today’s culture, adultery has become the ‘norm’  and points out its not inevitable, it’s immoral. God’s design isn’t meant to be embraced begrudgingly, it’s meant to be entered into with joy and obedience.  He also shared compelling examples from Luke 9 and how to obtain Christ’s perspectives along the way.

“Are we going to choose comfort or are we going to choose the cross?”

By following Jesus we weren’t promised that we won’t face challenges, but should consider it pure joy.  We have the privilege of spreading the good news; bringing awareness to important issues and showing love to those who need it the most.

Highlight: Morally chosen

Facing today’s culture with Christ

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