Each of us encounter moments in our life where things happen that we just can’t explain…often leading to stories almost too weird to believe. Yet – for most of us – life in between those stories is relatively predictable.

We go On the Road with a man who has seemingly navigated from one startling happening (like playing a central role in sting by US Marshals), to another – such us a car suddenly crashing into his home. The sheer number of stories that Rich Branham has accumulated has led him to pen a book he’s appropriately titled What Are the Odds?. As we take a closer look at his journey, we find that this man’s faith in God has only been strengthened by what he’s experienced. 

As part of his work in the hospitality industry, Rich found himself in Washington DC for a conference. He explains how his taxi suddenly became a getaway car on the way back from dinner one evening.

An unexpected passenger

A number of Rich’s experiences have taken place on the roadway, and another remarkable scene has him waiting for a light to turn green so he could merge onto a major interstate when something unexpected falls from the sky next to him.

Falling from the sky

As you can no doubt already tell, it doesn’t seem like too extreme a statement to declare that God has really surrounded Rich with protection in his life. So what it does feel like to realize that & how has it shaped his faith to see that truth so clearly time after time?

Shaping faith

Here’s our full conversation with Rich. We tackle many more remarkable stories, and Rich shares what he would leave people with if they only take one message from What Are the Odds.

What Are the Odds?

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