Following Christ means serving others instead of gathering things for ourselves. Pastor Carter Conlon shares lessons about sacrifice, excess, and turning back to God.

“I think it’s so important for God’s people to be ready for this generation – we’re all about to face dark days. God will speak to us – He will prepare us – He will strengthen us to be effective witnesses in that time. It’s not about saving the American way of life – it’s about people.”

In Carter’s book, , he issues a call for us to return to our first love – and it starts with repentance.

“The church to make a difference is the one with the courage to say ‘Lord, we have failed You.’ If there’s no humility, it doesn’t matter how much we pray. We’ll just come up with another strategy. Our days of strategy are over.”

How we can return to our first love: Jesus?

• Repent.

• Ask the Lord to show you where you are living in excess – spending more than you need to, eating more than you need to, or seeking comfort or security in other things or people than Himself.

• Embrace brokenness.

“We lay down our plans and our lust for comfort and we ask God what is His will for our lives.”

• Pray.

“Jesus, come and glorify Your Name.” Carter shares his perspective. “The cry of my heart is for every church needs to start to pray … no plan or new preacher is going to be able to do it on their own. Prayer has become the light of my life. It’s part of the culture of the church now.”

Highlight : God’s pattern of warning His people

Fighting a culture of excess

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