Summertime … the season for longer days, backyard BBQs, walks in the park, fair food and bike rides. Your children wait all year for the sound of the final school bell – only to utter the two words you know are coming: “I’m bored.” It’s one of life’s great mysteries. How can they be bored so fast? So, how can we combat this annual dilemma – without giving in to the more convenient: media or screen time.

Growing up, my mom was intentional about the summer months – creating specific activities to engage our family. I’m confident I “I’m bored” it more than a few times, but overall, I have great memories about summer vacation. So, if the next few months seem daunting, here are some starter ideas for your family:

  • Create a “Tour de __insert your town here_” and explore your town on your bike.
  • Bake or cook together. Experiment and be OK if things get messy.
  • Have an outdoor movie night with lawn chairs, popcorn and your favorite movie under the stars.
  • Have a luau Hawaiian party with fruit punch, the Limbo and music.
  • Visit a farmer’s market – and learn about the local famers.
  • Plan a scavenger hunt and end it at a nearby ice cream shop.
  • Go camping at a state park.
  • Visit a fire station (and maybe bring them cookies).
  • Pick a nearby town to visit for the day.
  • Or my personal favorite … have an impromptu water fight.

It doesn’t matter what you decide to do, what’s important is that you are doing it together as a family. You have a great opportunity to create memories over the next few months. Don’t give in to “I’m bored.” You can do it.

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