A couple weeks ago, I had one of the most difficult, humbling and honored moments of my life. Following my Grandmother recent passing, I was asked if I would officiate her graveside service (my dad would later share with me that it was by her request that he asked). My Grandma and I had an amazing relationship. I have countless memories of us being together – sharing life over bowls of ice cream, late night card games and trips to the mountains in my grandparents RV. I always knew where I stood with her … A) I was loved by her and B) she was proud of me. I knew these things because she told me so often. I remember at my high school graduation, despite the noise of thousands of people, she pulled me aside for a brief moment and whispered to me: “Bryon, I’m so proud of you. God has big plans for you.” Grandma would live to just shy of her 90th birthday; long enough to be part of my wedding and meet (spoil) both of my children. With so many special memories, I questioned how I could officiate her service … how could I be strong, when my heart was broken. It was in a quiet moment with the Lord that I realized I had the wrong camera angle. True, it was a sad time for our family; however, it was ultimately a celebration. After nearly a century on earth, Grandma was finally home. What a homecoming it must have been … I can only imagine the cheers that erupted as she walked into Heaven and into the presence of the Lord – and how sweet the reunion with her late-husband. Indeed, this service was not to be about death, but about LIFE. So, I began to write and write and write some more – and the final draft was something Grandma would have approved of … it was less about her, and more about her heavenly Father. In between stories of her childhood, her marriage and her walk with the Lord, I clearly wove in the Gospel and why I was confident I would see her again someday.

How about you? Are you confident of your eventual heavenly homecoming? God loves you so much that He would send His perfect son, Jesus, to live and die on a cross for you and your sin. This side of Heaven, no-one is perfect, so what an amazing gift to be given – and it’s yours to take. Here’s where you can learn more about beginning a relationship with Jesus, and if I can be of any encouragement to you, please don’t hesitate to drop me an e-mail. There’s room for you in God’s family!

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