Cash has an amazing way of touching our emotions. Swiping a credit card is nearly emotionless.  It has an amazing way of hardly letting the user realize they are actually spending money.  This, of course, is bad.

Let’s break down the different ways to purchase items along with some pros and cons.


  • Very emotional.
  • Instant feedback – when there’s no more “green” in your pocket, you’re out of money.  A simple but very important concept in personal finance.
  • Some argue it’s not very convenient – but so is spending more than you make using plastic.

Debit Cards

  • Easy to use online without going into debt.
  • Convenient
  • Gives the same security as a credit card – many don’t realize this.
  • Less emotional than cash – but at least it’s tied to a check according not giving an open-ended spending limit.

Credit Cards

  • Little to no emotion tied to spending.
  • Easy to lose track of spending
  • Interest rates – need I say more?

If you’re struggling with controlling your spending, analyze how you are making purchases.  If credit cards are getting you in trouble, consider using a debit card or cash.  This will MAKE you track and control spending

Remember, personal finance is nearly 80% behavior.

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