If you’re grieving your husband or wife or another family member that you’ve lost recently, I am sending you a big hug and a promise: Even though it may not seem so now, God has that plan for you – which He will reveal slowly. In the meantime, let HIM hold you along the way while letting your loved ones and church family take care of you as you heal and move forward.

I know the journey and the feeling of life as you knew it being totally turned upside down and even the feeling of not wanting to go on and where your next breath will come from…because I recently passed the anniversary of my late husband John’s death. The calendar says TEN years but it’s still hard to believe. The years have gone by one by one, each a new challenge and learning curve, and I have learned some key things and want to share them with you:

  • The Holy Spirit will lift you up and literally carry you…LET HIM!
  • God WILL surprise you.
  • He has a GREATER plan for you through the pain of grief, and eventually as the years go by you can help others on the same path.
  • I invite you to challenge yourself when you don’t feel like it: A turning point for me was when my sister forced me to go kayaking on Lake Superior on the first anniversary of John’s home-going. I wanted to stay home and have a pity party but when I finally got on that water on an impossibly beautiful summer day. I looked down and saw fish swimming through the clear water, looked up and saw the gorgeous blue sky and kayaked through sea caves that blew my mind and I could hear God telling me: “Look what I have created and you almost missed it. I have so much more to show you! Stay close by Me and I will.”

He has!

Be kind to yourself as you cherish the memory of your loved one and allow Him to carry you forward as you live, heal, grow and THRIVE.

Psalm 91:4 is His promise to you: “He will cover you with His feathers and under His wings you will find refuge. His faithfulness will be your shield and rampart.”

3 Responses to "Good grief and lessons learned"

  • Jan Smith says:

    We lost our daughter Valarie-3/1; our son-in-law Steve-3/23 and then my husband Ron 4/7/2015. God has carried me and continues to uphold us. I have an adopted daughter 11 yrs old-Missy. She doesn’t cry much & seems selfish if I leave her with anyone. Most of the time she is such a blessing to me. I pray that she will find comfort in the Lord now and in her life to come. She is mixed and I worry about the coming years. Right now she has lots of friends both (boys & Girls) I pray that doesn’t change. God is my help and my song. Because he lives I can face tomorrow. thank you for sharing with me.

  • Luther Heller says:

    My wife Nancy lost her battle to cancer on March 15, 2013. At that time, I felt the world had left me alone. Since, I have renewed friendships with some people I’d not seen in many years and they, along with the Lord, have carried me. My family has been a huge support for me as well.
    Trust in the Lord and He will carry you through it.

  • Wanda Lester says:

    My husband and soul mate went Home to be with our Lord on May 31st, 2012. For 6 months I was in a really dark place and I was not only angry at the world but God as well. Then I started listening to Life 101.9 and the words to the various lyrics began talking directly to me. Next I started going to a new church in Cedar Falls (Prairie Lakes Church) and I opened the door to find Jesus. He came into my heart and soul and we have been on this amazing journey ever since. Do I still miss Al? Certainly, but I know he is with Jesus and would not want to come back to this broken world if he could. He is Home for eternity and that what we are all longing for. God has a Plan for me and each new day is an amazing gift. He has turned those ashes into something very beautiful. What an amazing and loving God!

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