“Don’t let the reality of your beauty fall underfoot like a used gum wrapper simply because you don’t feel or see your worth quite yet. Trust me. Better yet, trust God when He says that you’re worth far more than you can even comprehend.” – An excerpt from Susie Larson’s book: .

How do you say ‘yes’ to your worth and God’s best?

You may have been told your entire life that you are in everyone’s way. You might have been told that you’ll never amount to anything. Others may mock you but God sees you exactly as you are – an heir of His with Christ.

The steps of walking as an heir:

• Acknowledge your state. This might be a hard season but your state is not to be confused with your standing. Your state may be a mess, but your standing is in Christ.

• Familiarize yourself with the promises of God. Planting the word in your mind and heart uproots the lies from our past.

• Accept acceptance. Susie explains. “The royal invitation is about taking His promises as they stand, by faith.” Stand on the historical and spiritual truth that Jesus died in your place and your sin has been wiped away, forever.

• Engage your faith. Trust and obey even in the face of fear or doubt.

Jesus invites – but Satan condemns.

“When we live out of our identity, everything changes. And it ripples into eternity.”

Stand on Jesus’ word and His words of acceptance – it is finished.

Key Scriptures: Ephesians 2:10

Highlight : Do you truly believe you’re a masterpiece?

Say ‘yes’ to your worth and God’s best

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