Imagine you just got some bad news.  You feel an overwhelming desire to talk with someone.  To share this news. To vent, cry, or just try to cope.  Who do you turn to?

Growing up we learn to turn to our parents when we need a shoulder to cry on.  As we get a little older we create groups of friends who are there for us in our times of need.  Then we turn to our spouse for comfort and support.  For most of us I think we just keep collecting people to turn to.  This is not a bad thing.  Its good to have a community of support.  And sometimes we do need that physical shoulder to cry on.  But at what point do you turn to God?

He’s always there, ready and willing to listen.  He’s desiring your thoughts.  He wants you to turn to him with your stresses, concerns, hardships, anger and yes tears.

In life things happen quickly.  When something happens to us, we quickly share with those immediately around us.  We then reach out to friends, family and eventually God.  I think too often we create a pyramid pattern of who to share life’s tough stuff with.

Does your pyramid look something like this?

Pyramid 1


Doesn’t that look upside down?  Like we are giving attention to the masses and giving the leftovers to God?

Maybe we should consider flipping that pyramid.

Pyrimid 2

Imagine that bad news you were thinking about when you started reading this.  Now imagine responding to that news by following the second pyramid.

The idea is by the time we’ve tackled the first row of the pyramid there will be no need to continue on down.  God wants to hear our thoughts and only He can really bring us the comfort and peace we need.

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  • Shan Copeland says:

    Amen sister Jenn!!! Love the pyramid! Can be hard to do it the way the 2nd pyramid shows, but God will bless you and fill you with HIS JOY & PEACE like no one else can give!
    Thanks for the inspiration! 🙂

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