You’ve probably heard about the recent web hacking of a website that prides itself on arranging secret extramarital affairs. When news broke, I couldn’t help but think of the millions of marriages that were turned upside down and the hearts and bonds of trust instantly broken. As social media exploded over the situation, a friend’s comment on Facebook caught my eye. It was bold, passionate, determined, raw … and inspiring. With her permission, I invite you to read it below.

Di Anna Post

If, after reading that, you don’t feel inspired to work on your marriage, check your pulse. Let us not be deceived by what’s over the fence since we all know “all that glitters isn’t gold.” In fact, often times, it’s Satan in disguise. So, if there’s any good that could come from this website debacle, let it be this: let us resolve to protect and fight for our marriages. It’s worth it.

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