I was recently at a celebration worship service at my church.  It was the last place I wanted to be.  I had my to do list rattling around in my head.  The reminders, calendars, and general stuff I need to remember was all bouncing around in my head.  I could almost see the time just drifting away from me.  All the things I needed to be doing or could be doing, but was missing out on because I was at this worship service.  I had already gone to a regular church service that morning.  I was attending this service reluctantly.  I knew I should be there, I knew I would benefit from begin there, but I didn’t really want to be there.  I knew that there would be good fellowship, a great message, and a wonderful time of worship.  I also knew that I could get so much more done if I had stayed home.

In the middle of the worship time I noticed people truly in celebration.  Truly worshiping with their whole heart.  My first thought was “Don’t they have lists running through their heads?  How could they be so free to worship?”  As the worship time went on I felt my list drift away.  I came to the realization that I was there for the wrong reasons.  I was there out of obligation rather than desire.  I then began to feel release.  I began to really pour my heart and mind into the worship and really let myself just “be” in the moment.  Such a beautiful experience.  I went on to enjoy the entire service and the fellowship that surrounded it.  I didn’t give my to-do list a second thought.

This experience really made me realize how our minds are so focused that we rarely let go and just be.  Our world and culture just pull us in so many directions.  We are so career driven.  We strive to have the perfect families.  We work on life being spotless.  We are juggling all of these things that we don’t take the time to be in the moment.  To spend the time to experience what’s happening around us.  The to do lists, calendars and tasks can all wait.  If only for a moment, live in the moment.

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