Pastor J.D. Greear says that the true measure of success for a church should be its sending capacity, not its seating capacity. He joins us to review the priority of the Great Commission for followers of Christ, and what it looks like for the church to reach the world with the gospel. His book is .

Pastor Greear takes us back to the point where his church stopped measuring success by how many people came to services each week, and started gauging it in terms of how many were sent out from the church to minister in the world. That subtle philosophical shift represents a recognition that we’re building God’s Kingdom, not our own.

Jesus didn’t die so we could build a country club church, says Pastor Greear. He uses the analogy of different types of ships to describe what the church is really for – and what it’s not designed to do.

So much of our call as Christians is outside the church’s walls. Of the forty miracles detailed in the Book of Acts, fully thirty nine took place outside of a church.

Though it’s easy to focus on church growth when examining the health of a ministry, that’s not what is at the heart of how faith works. Jesus doesn’t win the world through addition, he wins through multiplication.

So how do we change our individual perspective on what success looks like for our churches and outreaches? Pastor Greear believes we each need to ask ourselves what our own role is in the Great Commission.

We need to return our focus to making disciples. Are you a disciple making Christian? Each of us is meant to pass our faith along.

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