Vinnie was born to Kristi and Ben Bowers on April 25, 2012 with his twin brother, Theo, joining his older sisters Harper (age 7) and Ellery (almost 5). Then, on the morning of September 25, 2013, on a normal, average day, Kristi found Vinnie in his bed without a heartbeat. He was 17 months old. A healthy little boy, full of smiles, love and laughter had made his way to heaven in his sleep. Nearly two years since Vinnie gained his angel wings, the Bowers family constantly strives to think of ways to spread his love, remind people of kindness, give back and keep Vinnie’s memory alive.

Vinnie Bowers

Vinnie loved a good book. It was common to find him plopped on Ben or a sibling’s lap with book in hand. So, this year, the Bowers have organized a children’s book drive in Vinnie’s honor to be donated first to children that have lost a sibling and second to those in-need of a hug via local charities, schools and hospitals. All books and donations must be received by September 25 and can be sent via FedEx, UPS or Amazon to the following address:

The Bowers Family
615 6th Ave. SE
P.O. 876
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-0876

Bowers Family

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Kristi Bowers on Life 101.9

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