I was recently with my small group from church.  During our time together we took time to have quiet reflection and just journal our thoughts. Writing out our emotions, our prayers, our hearts.  About half way through our journaling time I looked around the room and noticed many people crying.  They continued to journal as the tears flowed.  I too began to get emotional the more I wrote, the more chains that seemed to break releasing some deep emotions.

I used to journal all the time but had forgotten how powerful writing out your prayers could be.  Pen to paper pouring out your emotions to God.  I think the act of writing it out keeps us more focused on each individual thought which makes it feel more powerful. Its amazing how the emotions just begin to flow as we slowly reveal our hearts. There is something so freeing in that too.

When I left my small group that night and drove home, I felt a sense of peace.  I share my thoughts and heart with God through prayer but it just felt so much more powerful as I filled page after page and it left me with that peaceful feeling.  I have decided I don’t want to forget how important journaling can be.  I picked out a new notebook and have made a decision to journal my prayers as often as I can.  I know that God hears our prayers.  I know that he knows our hearts.  But when I journal, I know that I am acknowledging the action of handing that over to God. Writing out prayers doesn’t make them any more real to God but to us.

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