OK. I’ll admit it. I have a habit of losing things. Sunglasses and ball caps are the worst. Usually I can keep track of small things in my pocket as long as there’s not a hole in it. But I love to wear ball caps and they serve a dual purpose for men like me when it gets cold because we need something to keep our “wig wam” (i.e. our bald heads covered) and a cap does that nicely. However, I can easily lose four to six ball caps a year since I wear them often. I have lost four caps in 2015.

I’m not kidding.

My Royals made the post season for the second straight year and what did I do to celebrate?  I went to one of those expensive apparel stores in the mall and bought a cap. Not a cheap one mind you. I bought a fitted cap. (What was I thinking?) Those of you who have bought caps know full well that fitted caps cost about twice as much as the adjustable variety. However, the cheap ones look almost the same as the nicer ones and therefore because I lose caps easily, I usually go cheap.

I do the same with sunglasses. I buy cheap ones from Walmart all the time because they are easy to take off and set down. Guess what? I have lost four pair of twenty dollar Walmart clip on sunglasses this summer.

I’m not kidding.

I hope to wear this cap every day this month to show Cubs fans they’re not alone in their joy. (Did I mention that the Royals are playing extra baseball for the second year in a row?) The Cubs are in the playoffs for the first time since 2008 and just the third time this century. (That’s including the infamous 2003 playoff scandal when Steve Bartman became a household name in the Windy City. You remember ol’ Steve, don’t you?)

If you’re a Cubs fan, I promise I’ll cheer for the Cubbies if you’ll cheer for my Royals. But in the unlikely event that they both make it to the World Series, my Cubbie loyalty will be over and I don’t expect you to remain a loyal Royal. I’m just sayin’.

But hey, even if you’re a Cardinals fan or maybe you don’t care who wins the World Series, would you say I prayer that I don’t lose this cap?

Did you hear me? I’m so desperate for prayer that I’ll even take it from a Cardinals fan.

All I know is that if I finish the 2015 baseball season with the cap that you see here, it will be a moral victory of sorts for me, even if my team lays a Royal egg this October.

Something to think about.

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