Smile in 3 … 2 …1 … CLICK!

You’ve been there. A family gathering, an evening at your small group or maybe out with your friends. The last thing you want to do is smile, and yet you do. You paste on your best happy face and roll through the motions of “everything’s okay” when everything’s not.

An anonymous author on Pinterest wrote it this way: “Head up, stay strong, fake a smile and move on.” But for anyone that’s had experience wearing a mask, you know it’s emotionally exhausting, it’s personally damaging and it’s clearly not God’s calling.

God calls us to transparency and to bear one another’s burdens. You won’t find in the Bible a directive to hide your struggles and convey to a watching world that your life is all together perfect. More importantly, God calls us to seek Him in times of trouble. “When you pass through the waters, I will be with you.” Isaiah 43:2

Consider King David. He had it all: riches, power, and his share of valley moments. And yet, how do we see him respond? Parading around as if nothing is wrong? Nope. Instead, we see King David lamenting to God of his regret, and begging for forgiveness.

Consider Paul. In letter after letter, we see Paul writing with a blatant transparency. You can sense the emotion of every word as he writes. And while it would have been easy to indicate in his letters that he was “okay” and “everything is fine,” he doesn’t. He openly shares with those he loves an authenticity of his heart.

Our lives have been purposed with peaks and valleys, and sometimes, those valleys are deep, dark and lonely. But there’s good news. Choosing to follow Jesus isn’t an individual sport. We are in this together. However, it begins with action. Would you remove your mask to reveal the real you, to reveal that everything is not okay and by doing so, daring those around you to care, to support you and to love you anyway. And when you do, I believe God will surprise you when you discover He’s been right there beside you the whole time with his arms open wide ready to see the real you – just as you are.

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