Digging deep is something I’ve been striving for lately.  No, I don’t mean with an actual shovel and dirt.  I mean having real and genuine conversations.  So often it feels like we go through life having mostly surface level conversations with people.  Even those we love the most we have a tendency to keep things short.  Why?  Are we so busy we can’t stop and show some actual concern?  If that’s true, maybe we need to reevaluate where our priorities lie.

I’ve been working hard lately to have meaningful deep conversations.  I realize that not every conversation I have can be deep or I’d never get anything accomplished in my day.  However, I do believe if we take a few moments and just dig a little deeper, not only our conversations but our relationships will benefit.

Imagine if we asked “How are you?” and really wanted the answer.  If we really cared deeply to know how someone really is doing.  If we would show love, compassion and concern when they respond.  This is what I’m striving towards.  The meaningful, honest conversations that lead us to join in celebration or to comfort in sorrow.  Let’s throw out those pointless pleasantries and really dig deep.  Let’s be there for one another.  Let’s dig a little deeper.

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