I had the joy and privilege of coaching our boys in baseball from the time they were old enough to swing a bat. And by the time they could talk, they became KC Royals fans too. It just sort of happened.

I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  🙂

Here I am with my wife and three of our grown sons. I guess things got a little crazy when the final out of the 2015 World Series was recorded.

It was truly a very special moment as we celebrated the ending of a 30 year draught to be World Series Champs again! There’s nothing like the bond of sharing a common experience to make a memory.

There’s a song from the 70’s by Seals and Crofts called “We May Never Pass This Way Again” that talks about cherishing moments like these because they come from the bonds that make us who we are.

The third verse kind of sums it up.

So I wanna laugh while the laughin’ is easy
I wanna cry it makes it worthwhile
I may never pass this way again
That’s why I want it with you

‘Cause you make me feel like I’m more than a friend
Like I’m the journey and you’re the journey’s end
I may never pass this way again
That’s why I want it with you

As we count our many blessings and give thanks, make sure that you recall special moments from days past, and even make a few new ones with your family and special friends.

Who knows if you will ever pass this way again?

Something to think about…and be thankful for.

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