As people, we place value on everything. Is it worth my money? Is it worth my time? Is it worth my energy? Those discussions and questions on value are important. We can’t do everything or know everyone, so we need to make determinations of what we can do. But are we potentially missing out on something life changing because we can’t understand it’s value?

Economically, we assign value to all sorts of things like careers and products. So I was challenged the other day I was reading from the book “What are People For?” by Wendell Berry. In the essay “An Argument for Diversity” he points out that many have left the farm and the home because society has told them they’re of more value if they join the urban workforce.  They can earn income for the family. But does that idea actually undercut the true value that person has providing for their family in different ways? Have we forgotten the true value of person when we only think of them economically?

As a society, we might not say that those who are poor are unimportant, but we definitely give more attention to the rich and celebrity in our culture. You might not say aloud that a certain career path is of no value, but you’d never want to work it and hesitate to associate with those who do. And yet, in God’s economy, each person is of equal value. And not just equal but of incredible and immeasurable value. God gives them that value because He created each one of them.

What if we looked at those around us as unique creations of God who have value because He created and gifted them? What if we took our own value from what God has made us to be and not on what the world gives us? It just might transform how we live.

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