Recently, while watching a Presidential debate, my four-year old son climbed onto my lap with Legos in hand. “Dad, will you build Legos with me?” he asked. “Sure, I’d love …” and before I could finish my sentence, the Lego bin was emptied on our living room floor.

Admittedly, I kept the debate on the television on a low volume, but that didn’t stop us from talking and laughing and my son occasionally offering some “expert” help on how to better build my Lego creations. However, it was about 45 minutes later that my son asked a question; a question I have been still pondering days later.

“Dad,” he started. “Who is more important? The President of the United States or Jesus?”
“Who do you think?” I responded.
“Jesus for sure.” he said confidently … and then proceeded to return to creating his Lego tower.

His question, however, stuck with me. What if we dared to ask the question of ourselves?
What is more important? Having the latest, greatest smart phone or Jesus?
What is more important? Wearing the fanciest or hippest clothing or Jesus?
What is more important? Catching up on Hollywood news or Jesus?
And if we’re really feeling gusty … what is more important? Our savings account or Jesus?

The point is – my son’s simple question has had ripple effects on my heart. What am I valuing more than Jesus? Would you ask yourself the same question? And once we have the answer, the real question is: what will we do about it?

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