How often have you gone through a moment in your life where you’ve held yourself back?  You’ve only giving something half of what you could have?  I know I’ve been there and I’d venture to say I’m not alone.  There are many reasons for holding back but more often than not it stems from fear.  Fear we’ll be judged, fear we will fail, fear we will succeed, fear we don’t have enough, fear of going too far, even the fear of the fear.  Why do we allow ourselves to have these moments?

We know that God has amazing things for us.  We know He promises to have big plans for our future.  We also know that if we’re walking in truth He has blessed the path.  If we are doing something that God has called us too we should have confidence in it.  We should be all in!  Not letting fear control our actions.  But trusting that God has paved the way, has equipped us for whatever it is that we are facing.  We should give it our best.  Always. Step forward, give it your all, and step into what God has in store for you.

You don’t have to hold back.  Be all in!  Just hold out your heart to the one who promises to complete the good work He’s already started in you. Let’s be all in, moving forward in confidence and giving everything our best.