C.J. Mahaney once said, “We make time for what we value the most.” And he’s right. Simply look at your schedule from the last week and you’ll see it’s true. What dominated your time? And what is surprisingly missing?

Recently, a friend and I were chatting about our personal journeys with Christ. He expressed that he was lacking in his Bible reading … because he had “no time.” I pressed into his comment – asking for details. He shared about his ever-increasing responsibilities at work, his three kids and their sport schedules, and so on. “It sounds like you are in a busy season of life.” I said. He quickly agreed. As we finished our coffees, we caught up on our families and football and plans for the holidays.

Before we headed our separate ways, I stopped to ask him a question. “Do you have 5 minutes you could give me today?” His response was almost immediate. “Yes, of course. What’s up?” “Well,” I said, “I would just love to talk later; maybe share some thoughts and insights with you.” He was confused for sure, but agreed.

Later that evening, I texted my friend. “Still got 5 minutes available?” “You bet,” he replied. “I will always make time to give you 5 minutes.” I responded with a challenge … the same challenge issued to me several years previous. “Do this: take the 5 minutes you were going to hear from me and grab your Bible and hear from God instead.”

What followed was excruciating silence. Did I offend him?

And then, finally, a text reply. “Man, thank you so much. How refreshing! I needed this tonight. I need this every night, every day. I thank God for you for this reminder!”

Bottom line, everyone has 5 minutes every day. For you, it might mean waking up 5 minutes earlier, or arriving 5 minutes earlier to work. Maybe it’s spending 5 minutes before you hit the pillow or the first 5 minutes at dinner. Find your 5 minutes to hear from God. Even in 2015, God doesn’t send texts, call long distance or send Facebook messages. But nonetheless, be assured he has something to say to you … and you’ll find it in the Bible just waiting to be discovered.

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