I think we’ve all been there.  That moment when you’re filled with doubt.  You’ve prepared for this for a long time.  You know all of the ins and outs.  You have spent countless hours and sleepless nights but are prepared.  Then, out of no where, you begin to doubt yourself.  Can you handle this?  Are you prepared?  What were you thinking? The negative thoughts and doubt fill your mind.

You begin to question  your abilities.  Negative thoughts seem to be everywhere.  You’re more than prepared and more than capable for the task ahead but you’ve allowed these negative thoughts run wild in your mind.  Now all you can do is criticize yourself.

A recent study was released saying that the average woman criticizes herself at least 8 times a day. When I first read this I thought that number seemed high.  The more I thought about it I actually think its a little low.  I’ll be honest and vulnerable here, hoping you’re with me on this. My number is probably closer to the teens.  It starts right away in the morning.  I wake up and criticize myself about the things I didn’t get done the night before.  Then as I’m getting ready for the day I begin to have the “negative talk” about my looks, my hair, my outfit etc.  Then it’s off to work.  Here’s where the criticism and negative talk get serious. Every decision, every movement, every email is in full question.  Am I doing things right?  Am I GOOD enough? Did I word that email right?  I could have done better.  Why did I choose to do it that way? Then I criticize myself for criticizing myself.  It becomes a circle of events. The negative thoughts seem to multiply.

This isn’t a way I want to live but it is the way I choose to live.  That’s right, its a choice.  I can CHOOSE to have positive thoughts.  I can choose to have confidence in my abilities, strengths and talents. I know that God has given all of us amazing gifts.  I know that each of us are unique and wonderfully made.  I know that I should have confidence in what God has created in me.  Why do I choose to let the negative thoughts creep in?

Let’s try something.  Lets try to be more positive.  To find the good in ourselves.  To have confidence in the abilities we have and the things we do.  I hope you’ll join me in searching for the good.  It will not be easy and I will not change overnight, but why not focus on the positives? Let go of the negative. I’m sure I’ll still wake up tomorrow morning and have negative thoughts about how clean my house is or how bad my hair looks but lets try to really be positive and find the beauty in it all.