Have you ever wished there were a few more hours in your day?  With everything we have on our to-do lists each day, a little more time would probably come in handy!

Obviously, we can’t give ourselves more time, but we can be more productive with the time we have available.  I read a great article this week with some ideas to help us get the most out of each day.

One tip: plan your day!  Experts in this sort of thing say to stay on track, it’s important to lay out a schedule with any appointments for the day, then figure out where you can pencil in the items on your to-do list.

Another: know where to find your stuff!  This doesn’t necessarily mean everything in your home has to be meticulously clean and organized at every moment of the day.  What’s important, though, is having a system that works for you.  Having a place where you can quickly find your favorite shoes, your smartphone and your keys can get you out the door and on to your day on time.

Want more tips?  Check out the full article.

– Matt

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