My girls, Anna and Kate lovingly refer to my birth year as occurring in “the 1900’s,” which is true…but they make it sound like it was hundreds of years ago!  I know I’m getting older, but I’m not THAT old!  There are, though, lots of things that you and I grew up with as a normal part of life that our kids will never experience.


How about missing their favorite TV show?  Before DVR’s, you actually had to be in front of your television at the time your favorite show was on, or you missed it!  I think the majority of the shows my girls watch now are on-demand or from a service like Netflix.


What about dialing a rotary phone?  Taking each number, one at a time, around the wheel could be a time consuming task.  And if you messed up?  Well, the whole process started all over again!  “What did you do today?”  “Well, I tried to make one phone call…that’s about it!”


I found a fun list with more things that your kids will probably never experience, you can find it here.

– Matt

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