My Facebook friend, Christine, told me she wants to start a prayer journal but she doesn’t really know how to begin.  So I asked my other Facebook friends to offer up their wisdom on the subject.  Wow, did they!  So if you’re looking to start a prayer journal yourself and want some ideas, I have them for you!


My prayer journal is small enough to fit in my purse, and I fill it with scripture and thoughts on prayer for my family as well as for myself. I was very intimidated by the idea of a prayer journal because the ones I had seen from friends were divided into sections based on the person or attribute they were praying for or about, and it seems so regimented and daunting to keep up. I have found this more free-form and haphazard journal style to fit more with my life and since it is in my purse.  It is very accessible for responding to the Holy Spirit’s prompting.


I have done this, and the best part is looking back over time to see how God has answered prayer. It reminded me of God’s faithfulness.  I also used my journal to write down my favorite verses and things that I am thankful for. My journal taught me to take the focus off of myself.


Keep a journal of your prayers and which ones mean the most to you. I read devotions in my e-mail and the ones that mean most to me I write down. On Facebook I share them every morning. Once in awhile write my own.  Do what makes you feel the best with God.  Blessings on your new journey. Peace.


My biggest advice is be honest with yourself and what you write. God knows the desires of your heart. He knows your struggles.  Pour your heart out.  It helps to look back.  Also try to write about what you’re thankful for and not just things you want or need.  You’ll be surprised how much there is to be thankful for in your life when it’s written down on paper.  Just my two cents! Happy journaling!


I always want to know why, but when I ask God why the same thought pops into my head. “If I told you why, you would not need faith.  Faith is way better.  That’s why.”  Have faith.  Trust in God, and look at the things that come your way as an adventure.  Sometimes it’s exciting, and sometimes it’s boring. Sometimes it’s even scary, but God knows why they are happening.


The book  by Paul Miller is a great help for those wanting to be intentional about their prayers.

Lisa K:

Almost every day there is a meaningful scripture verse that comes my way. So in the evening, I go to that scripture and read the context, write out the verse on the top of my page, write what I think God is saying to me that day related to that scripture, then I turn it into a prayer. For instance today I’m struggling with not being perfect. And then this morning in a devotional, there was Hebrews 10:24, “For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being made holy.” What? I’m already made perfect? So tonight it’ll be a prayer asking God to forgive me for not realizing the whole power of the cross, and also a prayer of thanksgiving.


I recently purchased Whispers of Hope to help me grow in my prayer life.  I love it.


Lifeway Christian Stores have all sorts of beautiful journals on sale for $5!  They are about the size of your typical Bible, so they are easy to transport.


I wish I were better at this, but my 21-year-old writes her prayers out all the time. She started a blog about her college experience, but one of the tabs under her blog is Dear Jesus. She pours her heart out. Read it if you think it would be helpful.


Honestly  it’s between God and me. I mean it’s stripped to the core honesty. I think more of letters to God.  The good, the bad, and the ugly.  Then I sit and let the Holy Spirit move me. I also use index cards for prayer cards for others. I write the name and prayer for them, and again I sit wait on the Holy Spirit to tell me what else to write.  I keep them in a index box and pray with them.


My most fruitful time of praying started when I bought a small spiral bound notebook with 5 pocket dividers. I labeled the sections for each day of the week. I committed to pray for very specific requests Monday through Friday. I made a list of all the prayer requests that I knew were needed in my circle of friends, family, or things I desired to see God accomplish. Then I assigned each request to one of the 5 days. Each request went on it’s own page. I then just started praying daily and consistently. I noted the date of every request start and every time I prayed. As I saw God moving on the requests, I wrote that down with the date and result.