I think we all have really good intentions about eating healthy.  Let’s be honest though, with busy schedules and never ending to-do lists…preparing fresh meals that are good for you may slip to the back burner.  What if you could make small adjustments to the meals you’re already eating, and still manage to cut calories?  Win/win, right?!?

I was reading a great article today that talked about this very thing.  Here are a few of their suggestions:

– Drink lemon water instead of soda.  If you can’t do just water, the lemon will give you some flavor to enjoy while you’re quenching your thirst and save as much as 200 calories per glass.

– Chew sugar free gum.  This is interesting.  Studies say that people who chew sugar free gum in the morning ate fewer calories at lunch.  Do that again in the afternoon, and you could save even more calories at dinner time.

Want a few more tips for a healthy summer?  Read the full article by clicking here.

– Matt

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