Did your Mom ever say that to you?  Whatever the situation, no matter why you didn’t get it at the time, Mom reminded you that someday you would.  Back then, you may have just rolled your eyes and walked away, but now…admit it…you DO understand!  And you’ve probably said that to your own kids a time or two as well!

I found a fun article today with a handful of things that Mom did way back when that embarrassed you, that you now do all the time!  For example:

– She didn’t understand the VCR, now you can’t log in to your iCloud account.  Technology may change, but Moms still need their kids’ to help them understand it!

– She hid the good candy.  Let’s be real…where is your hiding spot?!?

Want more?  Check out the full article here!

Happy Mother’s Day!

– Matt

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