Is it just me, or is summer racing by?!?  I hope you are enjoying it!

If you’re looking for some fun things to do with your family before summer comes to a close and fall routines kick back in, there are plenty of pricey options.  But what about some family fun on the cheap?  Like maybe less than $10?

How about a water balloon war!  Five or six bucks will get you a HUGE package of water balloons, and a little prep time to fill them up with allow you to have a fun time cooling down with your kids on a warm summer day.  If you don’t want everyone to get wet, you can set up some objects in the back yard and hold a target practice competition!

You can find kiddie pools pretty cheap this time of year too.  But you can do more than just swim in them.  Fill the pool with water, and ice. See who can stand in the cold water the longest without jumping out!  Or have a penny tossing competition.  Start close to the pool and slowly move further away.  Winner gets to keep all the loot!

Want more ideas for inexpensive fun?  Read the full article here.

– Matt

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