How is summer vacation going at your place?  Our kids definitely need some down time after a long school year, but the lack of routine that summer brings may have them feeling bored and may have you a little frazzled keeping them occupied.

Want some help?  Maybe you should try The Morning High Five.

I was reading about The Morning High Five today, and it seems like a great way to build some routine into your kids’ summer, and help them get moving on some of those lazy mornings.  Here’s how it works:

Pick five things your child needs to get done by a specific time each day.  For example, maybe you would decide they need to make their bed, get dressed and put their clothes away, brush their teeth, complete a chore and eat breakfast by 9:00 a.m.

The goal of the Morning High Five is that by the time the kids are done with these tasks, they are ready for whatever else the day may hold.

Sound like something you’d like to find out more about?  Read the full article 

– Matt

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