Do you like a good Hallmark Christmas movie?

If you do, you’re not alone. For many of us, the feeling that we get when the guy and the girl fall in love and kiss under the mistletoe, or we witness the estranged father who is welcomed back into the home of his daughter on Christmas Eve is just too irresistable to pass up.

Taking in most any “happily ever after” holiday flick with a cup of warm cocoa is a great way to fill a December evening because we still long to believe that miracles can happen to us, not just in a movie. The Scriptures promise that God’s Holy Spirit is in the business of restoring broken lives and adult or not, we are still his children.

So, it begs the question. Is there hope for us grownups to experience the wonder of Christmas like we did in days gone before?

While I can’t offer a formula guaranteeing more romantic evenings with your soulmate, I can offer a simple tip that will absolutely bring more peace and joy to your weary soul and it’s not that hard to do.

I’d like to suggest that a more meaningful Christmas season begins with cultivating a heart of thanksgiving. Think about it. We’ve just celebrated a national holiday built around the theme of calling to remembrance our many blessings. Should we not do what we can to make sure it’s not a one day event? Thanking our heavenly Father is worth our time and effort most especially during the Advent season.

For starters, the sheer fact that Emmanuel has come into our world should be more than enough to fill our hearts with gratefulness. (Do I hear an ‘Amen?’) And I bet you can think of many things of which you are grateful.

I have found that if I cultivate a thankful heart, I have a tendency to expect the miraculous to enter my life. I sense his presence in my heart of gratitude and it changes my perspective and effects my prayer life. Like a child, I am more likely to ask him for things while expecting him to answer in ways that often surprise me.

We serve a loving God who delights in hearing our praises. In fact, the scripture declares that he inhabits them. My prayer for you this Christmas season is that you will schedule some time to cultivate thankfulness and then praise your heavenly Father for his many benefits.  A thankful heart is better than having Danny Kaye do a tap dance in your living room as the snow starts to fall in your front yard. Emmanuel is with us. All of heaven and nature sing at the thought. And that’s just the first of many reasons to give thanks.

Make a list and watch it grow. Then, have a blessed Christmas season!


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