Here are a few favorite Christmas songs from some of our listeners.

Lisa:  Amy Grant’s “Emmanuel”. I remember singing this song as a 5-year old, starting our Christmas Pageant. I was wearing an angel costume, holding a candle, and we came down the church aisles singing “Emmanuel….Emmanuel…”. It’s still one of my favorites! Pretty much anything Amy Grant is great.

Lori:  Amy Grant’s “I Need a Silent Night”. During this season, things become so crazy that it’s hard to even hear yourself think let alone hear God or even to reflect on the reason for the season. I just want a quiet break a calm peaceful night to enjoy.

Kortney: “Breath of Heaven” because after hearing Amy Grant sing it, my daughter chose to sing that for a high school Christmas concert. It was one of the most moving and beautiful times she sang.

Gary:  “I Heard the Bells”.  God is not dead, nor does He sleep. He has us ALL under a magnifying glass to see if we focus on Him. or on ourselves. The time is drawing nearer.  IT IS ALL ABOUT GOD!

Tracy: “I’ll Be Home for Christmas” is special to me because as a little girl, my brother was fighting in Vietnam.  I remember he was able to come home for Christmas that year and every time I hear that song it takes me back to that time in my life and the joy it was for our family having him home.

Tammy:  I love the time on your radio between Thanksgiving and Christmas because of the Christmas music. “Away in a Manger” and “O Holy Night” are my favorite songs, but, I love them all. They are played at just the right time every year for me.

Michelle (age 16):  I’ve never been too into Christmas music until this year, when I began listening to it on the day of Halloween. I think that my closer relationship to God has made me look more forward to the holiday than I ever have before.

Joni: “Silent Night”. Growing up, our church had an 11 PM Christmas Eve service. The service ended with us singing Silent Night and everyone was holding a lit candle, the only light in the church. It was so meaningful. When we were done singing, we stood with our candles while the church bell rang at midnight and it was Christmas.

Daniel: “Give this Christmas Away”. Ever since I heard the song, I thought that I needed to give stuff away, even if it means that I have my birthday 27 days before Christmas.

So what are yours?

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