What keeps you up at night? Our world is awash in worry—and as Christians, we’re not immune. Yet Jesus commanded, “Don’t worry!”

We welcome back the author and editor of Leadership Journal, Amy Simpson to investigate the call to a joyful & abundant life, free from anxiety. What that looks like on a daily basis is the subject of Amy’s book Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry

Amy looks at what how worry can change us and what bad habits often form in times of anxiety. At its heart, worry can be thought of as an act of rebellion.

Behind worry is the powerful concept of fear. What is the difference between worry, fear and anxiety? Can anxiety sometimes be a useful and good thing?

The world we live in encourages us toward worry. It’s natural to fixate on the bad news & troubling headlines. It’s also natural to speculate on what the next step or solution is when it comes to the bad news. In a real way, our culture brings us toward worry when we otherwise wouldn’t be worrying! What we need to remember is that the act of worrying isn’t productive. It doesn’t help anything. Yet we are called to care. The opposite of worry is peace.

In seasons of high anxiety and fear we have to actively choose faith and affirm God’s power and faithfulness.  Amy shares that our stories have power to encourage others when they are walking through seasons of anxiety.

Highlight: Reminders

At times, anxiety can be the way we cope with denial. Feelings of powerlessness and grief can loom large in this scenario.

Amidst all of this worry and fear is there hope? Amy shares how the answer lies in our faith and the solution is in spiritual formation. God wants to change the way we think and transform our habits so that we rely and trust in his faithfulness. 

Choosing faith over worry

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