You’re busy.  I’m busy.  Everyone is SO busy these days!  With everything we have to get done each day, it can be easy to neglect some things that we really want to do, like spending time reading the Bible.  It’s so important, and God has great things for us in His word, but making the time can be a challenge.

I read a great article today with some practical ideas to help us carve out more time to be able to make daily Bible reading a reality!  Here are a few of their ideas:

– No other words before the Word.  Make it your habit to spend time reading the Bible before you read anything else.  No email.  No Facebook.  Nothing else until you’ve spent time reading what God has for you in the Bible.  Challenging?  Sure!  Worth it?  You bet!

– Stash a Bible in your car.  Do you spend a considerable amount of time sitting in your car, waiting for your kids at the end of the school day or practice?  Instead of scrolling through your news feed, use that time to allow God to speak to you through the scriptures.

Making time each day to spend with God has been something I’ve been working through in the early stages of 2017.  It’s not easy!  But if we want to draw closer to Him, we need to make it a priority.

Want a few more ideas?  Read the full article here.

– Matt

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